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Larry, the famous seducer on Android

The famous Larry Laffer is now on Android. With a new graphics and with a modified plot. Will you like him?

Secrets of Adventure games

Why are Adventure games controversial? What is their history? Which were the most famous? And what is their future?

Big Secrets of Game Developers

How were games developed in the past - and how now? Is it complicated? And are there easter eggs in these games?

Mutants vs. The Chosen 1: Walkthrough

Are you stuck in the game Mutants vs. The Chosen: Hijack? Then you'll probably need our guide - our detailed walkthrough.

Shadow Lake: Discover a strange curse

Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake - this is an adventure game full of mysteries with real actors. What is hidden there?

Top 5 Free Adventure Games for Android

The best Adventure Games offer breathtaking graphics, great storylines and lots of interesting puzzles.

City Of Secrets: Time to go to Poco Pane

City Of Secrets is a cool classic point and click adventure game. Just with a quite unusual plot.

The Wolf Among Us: Just breathtaking graphics

Graphics of this game is simply amazing. Its plot is coherent. But sometimes it looks like an interactive movie.

Mutants vs. The Chosen: A quaint Adventure

The game invites you to explore the world of the future, where it is necessary to defend to the Chosen Ones.

AR-K: 3D adventure with a sexy heroine

On the one hand, there is an attractive graphics, on the other there are quite difficult tasks. Will you like AR-K?

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