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Send us a tip on a good game

Did you find an interesting adventure game, or did you even created one yourself? Let us know about it!

Whether you want to promote your own game, or you just think an adventure game could be interesting for us and for our readers, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail. In order to increase the chance we will publish your article about the game, meet these rules, please:

  • The game must be a point and click adventure game
  • The game be in English (and may support other languages as well)
  • The game must be available for Android and on Google Play

Does the game, you want to write about, meet these rules? Then nothing stands in the way to publish an article about it. If the game is interesting, of course. Just write about it to us. Send us an e-mail to infobs(at)bispiral.com with the following content:

  • Use the Subject: GameCondor Tip
  • The body of your e-mail must contain a text about the game in the form of an article; look closely, please, what articles we publish here - what is at their beginning, what is at their end, what we describe - and do the same; your text must be in English
  • Do not forget to put - at the end - a link to the game at Google Play - where the game can be downloaded
  • Do not forget to put - at the end - your name as the author's name - and your address (which will not be published)
  • Confirm that you send us the text for publication - free of charge, without any compensation required
  • Enclose 1 screenshot of the game with the resolution of 640x400 pixels (jpg) and 4 screenshots with the resolution of 480x300 pixels (jpg) (if you have images of different sizes, adjust them, please)

If we find the game - from your description -  interesting then we will publish the text (after appropriate modifications, additions, cuts, etc.). So there is a big chance that thousands of people would read about your - or your favorite - game and many new players will play it.

Attention: For a chance to publish your information about the game, follow the instructions above, please. Do not add any other attachments to the e-mail message, the text of your article really has to be right in the body of the email.

Attention: Text of the game must be unique, it can not be a copy of a text, which was published elsewhere, or just a copy of the game description from Google Play. This is not enough for us.

Thank you and we are looking forward to your e-mails with tips on interesting adventure games.


Your editors of GameCondor.com

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