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16 Sisters: Free Adventure Game for Windows

And here it is: The Island of 16 Sisters, Part One, is now available for Windows. Everyone can download it for free.

We have already written about this point and click Adventure game here, but maybe it's worth remind it: The island of 16 sisters is a classic adventure game, where you are looking for and collecting items, talking with people (in this game, mostly with beautiful girls) and enjoying the screenplay. Everything begins on a beautiful day when you suddenly wake up on an unknown island and you do not know how you got here or why...

The game is completely free, it has no hooks, there are no ads, no shopping in the app. The game looks and works the same way as on Android and iOS, its authors just transferred the engine to Windows 10. The controls are in the style of drag and drop, you can use a mouse or a touch screen. You get items by clicking on places on the scenes (where it makes sense), you can use them by dragging them from the inventory to the right place.

If you do not know what to do next, you can use SuperHelp in the menu, which will show you what makes sense in the scene where you are. Even this has no hooks, just tap or click and get help.

The game is relatively short, and the puzzles and the use of the items are quite logical, but you can still play the game for some time. Your progress in the game is automatically saved, so when you leave the game and turn it on again, you are where you ended last.

The game is in different languages ​​but also in English.

What to add? If you haven't played The island of 16 sisters on Android or iOS, try it on Windows. The advantage is that you can see more details on the larger computer display. The disadvantage is that the game has natively the resolution of 1280 x 720 points, so on larger displays, if you make it full screen, it may appear a bit less sharp.

You can download the game for free from here:


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