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City Of Secrets: Time to go to Poco Pane

City Of Secrets is a cool classic point and click adventure game. Just with a quite unusual plot.

And we have another classic adventure game here, this time it is City Of Secrets. It has a nice graphics, a strange story and really elaborate puzzles - and these are the reasons why you should give it a try. It can keep you entertained for tens of minutes.

Heroes of this game are Rex and Mr. Moles - and you will go with them to a town named Poco Pane. Well, to be right, you won't exactly go there... And not exactly with both of them. One of them has a lead. Why? And why residents of Poco Pane are not entirely happy there? How you can help them to make their lives happier? You can find it out... However, it must be said here, the first episode, which is free, allows you to answer only a small part of all these questions.

As already mentioned above, the City of Secrets is a classic point and click adventure - with hand drawn backgrounds and fully dubbed heroes in 3D. If you love collecting different kinds of objects, their combining and use, then this game should be the right one for you. By building a small pyramid you can get to a fishing hook at the ceiling, after constructing a lift you can go underground, and with these tasks it all just begins.

Sometimes the game can be - at least for less experienced players - quite difficult, but in these cases there are hints that are cleverly done to never betray too much. Additionally, you can - if you want to - see all the places of any scene where you can explore something or do something.

There are a lot of texts in the game - yes, this game is one of those more talkative ones - and they are offering a lot of jokes. Here it depends only on your sense of humor, if you would be excited with them or not.

What to say in conclusion? City of Secrets is definitely a game that you should not miss. It offers all the important elements of a good classic point and click adventure game - collecting, combining and using objects, various puzzles, colorful dialogues, an interesting environment... And since its first episode is free, there is really no reason not to try it.

Let's just add that at the time of writing this review, the game has a rating of 4.0 stars on Google Play. A big plus, as described by the players, is the graphics of the game, when they complain, it is usually about the impossibility to skip some puzzles and especially about the instability of the game. Let us add that we did not have any problems with the stability of the app on our test systems..

The game can be downloaded for free on Google Play:

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