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Free Game Engine for Android, iOS and Windows

Thanks to GameStylus, anyone can easily and without programming create his/her own game. Right now.

Maybe you do not know, but our GameStylus project has its own game engine, thanks to which anyone can easily and without programming create his/her own game. At first it was possible to play such a game only on Android-powered mobile phones and tablets, then on the iOS (Apple) and now it's possible on Windows 10 too. How does it work and what's new?

Creating games is easy in GameStylus, you can literally make a few clicks on the web and the game is finished. (OK, good games need more clicks and some interesting images as well :).) But that does not mean they're limited! It really is a full-fledged game. GameStylus specializes mainly in adventure games, but other games can also be created there (OK, you probably won't be able to create an action game in our engine).

If you want to try it, there is nothing easier. Just go to GameStylus, sign up, look at ur tutorials and start creating your own game.

Games that you create on GameStylus.com can be played by owners of tablets and smartphones with Android, iPad and iPhones, and PC/phones/tablets with Windows 10.

There are two things to add:

1) Yes, to create a game for Android, iOS and Windows is really so easy (and free, of course!); simply create an adventure game on GameStylus.com, send it to us for approval (just a short e-mail) and then there is nothing to prevent people from playing your game on the Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads and Windows. If you want to create a paid game or it will be another commercial activity, we will definitely find mutually interesting conditions.

2) Your game still can be played without our approval (but of course you have to approve it :)) by anyone who downloads our application for Android from GameStylus.com - and downloads your game to the app. (And you can debug your game in this app.) We do not have a similar iOS app yet, we are considering it for Windows 10.

GameStylus engine is therefore multiplatform. We want our (and of course your) games to get as many players as possible!

Examples of games

And what games have already been created in the GameStylus engine? Here are some examples:

Island 16 sisters - it's already available for Windows, Android and iOS

" target="_blank">And here it is for free for Windows 10


Alice and the Reformatory for Witches - for Android and iOS


And a lot more, check out the adventure games for free and a few for a few bucks listed here.


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