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Galactic police is coming to Android

This is the first case of Galactic Police. What happened to the BS9856 space base?

The BS9856 Space Base is not reporting for two days. What is happening there? This is what Natalia K., an officer of the Galactic Police, must find out. In this game, you can help her discover what happened at the base and where its residents disappeared to.

Galactic Police 1: Lost is the first part of GameStylus' new series of adventure games. For the second time they use rendered graphics, thanks to which the game brings 15 scenes from a strange, undetermined planet.

The GameStylus team has also come with ads in the game for the second time. There are two ads, so the amount is not big, and according to the developers, their goal is to test whether it would be possible to pay the development of games only from advertising. If so, other parts may come soon, if not, they will need to find a different way of financing, because of course the development of the games is not free.

GameStylus also invites all those who want to try out the game to try it on GameStylus.com. Just register, sign up and you can create your own game. If you finish it, it can be released on Google Play.

But back to the game Galactic Police 1: Lost: The story is not long and it is a classic point and click adventure game, so you collect items, cleverly use them and discover new locations. The game is free and without in game purchases, but, as mentioned above, you will find two ads in it.

Like all games from GameStylus, this one is multilanguage and there is SuperHelp for help you to go through the game - if you need such a help. You can download the Android game here:

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