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Play Android games on PC - eg. with emulators

Some games for Android are worth it! Developers create their versions for PC, but sometimes you have to help yourself. How?

Lots of PC users, after a long wait, decided to upgrade their computer to Windows 10 and to install a range of new applications - including games, of course. Some of them are easily accessible in the Windows Store - and, by the way, in this context it is interesting to say, that Microsoft has decided to encourage developers to move their applications originally written for Android to Windows. How? With a a project called Astoria. With its help, you can just take Android app - eg. an adventure game - and convert it to a Windows applications. And place it to the Windows Store. The catch is, however - at least right now - that the project Astoria is in beta and it is available only to a very limited number of developers.
Astoria, however, is not alone. There is also a project from Google - App Runtime for Chrome, abbreviated simply to ARC. Developers have access to the application ARC Welder (for Chrome) with which it is already possible to convert many Android applications, including games, to apps for Chrome. Right now only for computers running Chrome OS, but one day they could run in the Chrome browser, on ordinary Windows PC, or even Linux PC or OS X. The advantage is that the ARC is available now to anyone. And a downside?
According to the developers of the GameStylus project the major concern is about the fact that the ARC is not able to tell the application the fact that the user wants to close it. It usually makes the Android operating system - and the application then makes necessary actions - for example stores a game position. In Chrome it is impossible right now - developers have to make changes in their game code and players have to save positions manually.

How to play any game - in an emulator
If you do not want to rely on one of the above-mentioned projects Astoria and ARC, you may use an Android emulator for PC. Which are the best?
Very good is definitely BlueStacks. The above-mentioned developers GameStylus for example say they tested their free game Mutants vs. the Chosen in this emulator and the game worked without any problems. The emulator itself is also free, so there's no reason not to try it.
A little less popular than BlueStacks is an emulator called Andy. Even this emulator is free and many users have praised him for clearer interface than its competitor BlueStacks.
Finally, you can also try GenyMotion, which offers free and paid versions. The free version is only for private users, but that is certainly not an important limit for players. Also, it lacks some of the functions - of those commonly needed it is multitouch.

Play games for Android on PC
There is available a large number of games for Android that you will not find on a PC. Someone may say that it really does not matter because the PCs have enough quality games, but in our opinion there are some games for Android worth playing on your PC. Typically just some adventure games. Many of them are free, which is one more reason to give them a try.
(Images: Video BlueStacks, ARC Welder)

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