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Review: Don't miss The Silent Age!

This adventure game has a really unique atmosphere. It is one of the best to play on mobile devices.

The adventure game The Silent Age from House on Fire is interesting at the first glance - because of its special graphics. Although it may seem a little simple at first, during the play you will appreciate, how greatly it supports the elaborate story and the strong atmosphere of the game.

This point and click adventure game takes you into the world of the future, where mankind has died out. But you do not have to rely only on one time period: During the game, your hero can be transferred between two periods - golden 70's and the future. This option not only adds to the attraction of the story, but also allows innovatively overcome many obstacles that you, or, in fact, the hero, must overcome to move ahead.

Speaking of the hero - hes name is Joe - and his life is not special in any way - until something happens one day. He works in a tall office building, doing a tedious work as usually. But then he is sent to the underground floor where something has just happened.

A mysterious dying man warns him that terrible things are coming and begs him to stop them. Joe gets a time travel machine from him. And when he uses it later, he gets into the future - the future without people. What has happened? It mus be revealed! And, maybe, avoided. By you and Joe.

The Silent Age game features a catchy story, interesting graphics and logically solvable puzzles. It works without any problems even on less powerful devices and its control is optimized for touch screens - so it is very convenient.

The first episode, which is free, is long enough to play and achive some success - and to decide if you want to pay for the second one. The second part is not cheap, but you can easily decide if it is worth your money.

If you like science fiction and adventure games, The Silent Age game is just a must. The game is wonderful - the application for Android is stable, the plot is smart and your tasks are logical. Overall, the game is a great fun.

Let's add that at the time of writing this review, the game The Silent Age had more than 1 million installations on Google Play and 4.3 stars (from 5). Players like the interesting story, reasonable complexity and an appropriate length. As for the disadvantages, they sometimes criticize linearity of the story, which is, of course, rather common in the world of adventure games.

As was mentioned above, the first episode of the game is free, the second one is paid. The second episode is now part of the app with the first episode, so it is available for purchase directly from the application.

The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play here:

And for iPad, iPhone here:

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