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Games for Apple iWatch

Sure, Apple iWatch is actually a small personal computer - and if something is a personal computer, games are on it.

Although GameCondor is normally devoted mainly to adventure games, iWatch is a very interesting piece of hardware and so we decided to take a look at games for it. But, to be honest, there are no adventure games for it. Yet. Their display is still too small and because its other hardware is quite voracious, it could easily happen that such an adventure game could eat the battery of iWatch very quickly. But this does not mean that there are no other games for iWatch. Which are in sight?

BlastBall Duo

Of course, games with various puzzles are very popular... And BlastBall from Monkube is one of those where you need to place several identical objects next to each other to anihilate them and to make place for other ones. A version named Duo is designed specifically for iWatch - and it seems that, albeit in miniature version, it fits there and it can be playable. This game is our tip! (If you do not know this game, in the main picture of this article there is a collage of BlastBall and iWatch.)

iArm Wrestle Champs

Who would not know arm wrestling. You sit down with a rival opposite to you, lean elbows on the table and then try to push his - or her - hand against the table. And when there is no audience around? Nevermind, this application, iArm Wrestle Champs, can replace your friends (in this case, maybe)! An accelerometer in iWatch measures what is happening, where your hand moves, and accordingly comments the match. Maybe it's not quite a standard game, but what else could it really be? So just be careful, not to kill your iWatch during the wrestling!

Elementary Minute

And while we're at games that are more puns than games, let's mention Elementary Minute, which is something that looks like a game, but basically it's more like an educational application. It gives you a variety of educational puzzles with numbers, and even geography, and you are entering the correct answers. iWatch certainly can handle this and due to the popularity of different quizzes this game definitely has a chance to become popular.

Hatchi Pet

Sure, virtual pets - do you remember Tamagotchi? - are something you would expect on iWatch. And now there is Hatchi. As it is usual with pets, and not just the virtual ones, your job is to take care of them to make them happy. The advantage of Hatchi Pet is that unlike the original Tamagotchi your iWatch is (almost) always on your hand, so it is no  problem to take proper pet care. (See the picture above.)


A little more thinking will be required when playing another game for iWatch called Letterpad. It is a word game, which is optimized for the small screen of the iWatch watch. Its demo video suggests that the size of the display takes its toll, but the game would be probably fairly playable. (See the picture above.)

And this is certainly not all, soon will no doubt come other developers with new games for iWatch. (And let's add that many of these applications will undoubtedly be available on other watches as well.) Hopefully they will eventually bring even more sophisticated games. In the meantime, all fans of smarter entertainment will have to make do with their mobile phones and tablets. Just for your inspiration: Here are 5 best adventure games for Android.

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