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Top 5 Free Adventure Games for Android

The best Adventure Games offer breathtaking graphics, great storylines and lots of interesting puzzles.

If you like games with stories, games where you need to solve - sometimes tricky - tasks to move farther and farther in their incredible worlds, then we have five tips on games that you should not miss. Here's a list of the best adventure games that you can download and play on your tablet or mobile phone with Android OS - for free.

Because there are sometimes some discussions about what is an adventure game - and what is not, let's say right here that in our selection there are the so-called point-and-click adventure games. So the games are of the genre of adventure games in its purest form. Every one of these games has a story, you can collect some useful items there and use them on the right places to solve some interesting tasks and get farther. (More on what are adventure games and how they developed in the past you can read in this article.) So we skipped all the games where it's just about finding hidden objects (ie. hidden objects games) or just about solving puzzles (puzzle games), as well as games where you just have to quickly escape from a room or another place. Simply: We are concerned about pure Adventures!

How we chose the Best

It is not easy to objectively select the best free games of course: Some of the available adventure games offer just a very short part of their storyline for free, some are full of ads, which, to be honest, we are not big fans of. In addition - what appeals to one player may not appeal to another one.

So - how to select the best mobile adventure games? How many points should we give to every one of the games for their graphics, how many for a plot, how many for a balanced complexity and puzzles? Finally, we went through hundreds of games, read what players are saying about them and tested them on our devices. And here they are, the best ones.

For each of them you can find out from our text why we chose it - and we hope that you will find here all the information you need to decide which of the games you will probably like most.

And one more note: We have found a lot of adventure games that pretended to be free, but free were just very short parts of them, more like demos than real games. We decided we didn't want these in this list. All the games mentioned here offer more than just a demo.

But enough of introductions, let's go to the five best mobile adventure games for Android. And we are looking forward to your comments and recommendations on what games to test next time to compile another best-of list. Finally let us add that the five best games are not arranged in any special order as it is hard to determine which of them is really the number One. The decision is up to you.

The Silent Age

Frankly, if we had to pick just one single adventure game, it would be this one - The Silent Age. Some of the competing games mentioned below might offer more elaborate graphics, but this game has a great idea and it is created really well.

This point and click adventure game, The Silent Age, takes you into the world of the future, where mankind has died out. But the game does not rely only on one time period: During the game, your hero can travel in time, or, to be more exact, can travel between two time periods - the golden 70's and the future. This option not only adds to the attractivity of the story, but also allows to innovatively overcome obstacles that you, or, in fact, the hero, encounters.

A mysterious man dying shortly after the beginning of the game warns the hero that terrible things are coming, and begs him to stop them. Joe, the main hero, gets a time travel machine from him. When he uses it later, it gets him into the future - without people. What has happened? And why? It has yet to be uncovered.

The first episode of the game is free, the second one is paid. The second episode is now the part of the app with the first episode, so it is available for purchase directly from the application.

The full review of this game can be found here: Review: Don't miss The Silent Age!

This game can be downloaded for free from Google Play here:

And for Apple iOS - iPad, iPhone: 


This point and click adventure game, named AR-K, could also be our clear favorite. It offers a spectacular 3D graphics, it is fully dubbed in English and offers an interesting plot, but the tasks you have to solve are not always entirely logical.

AR-K is a classic point and click adventure game with graphics that is completely in 3D. And what's happening here? Most important is a mysterious golden orb that once appeared in the cabinet of the heroine, Alicia, without her knowing why, and led to major changes in her life: To the ejection from the police academy and to brand new plans regarding her future. She decided that if she can not protect truth as a policewoman, she will protect truth as a journalist.

You reach the heroine in the game after one particularly great party and your task will not only deal with the consequences, but also with, as mentioned above, the strange orb.

Full review of this game can be found here: AR-K: 3D adventure with a sexy heroine.

The game is available for download here on Google Play:

Mutants vs. The Chosen: Hijack

Mutants vs. The Chosen: Hijack is the first part of Mutants vs. The Chosen serie. It takes you to the world of the future, which does not look good for many humans, as they are plagued by poverty, diseases and visible genetic mutations. But an even bigger problem is there now: Armed raids of the Chosen Ones.

After one such raid a small village, where Riam, the main character, used to live with his father and sister, is destroyed. His father is seriously injured and his sister has been kidnapped. Riam does not have much choice about what to do: He is the only one who can rescue his sister and help to his father.

There are lots of tasks ahead - he has to pass through a minefield, to discover other mutants and to find his sister... This all you can expect in this classic hand-drawn and animated adventure, you should definitely not miss. And if you like the game you can download the second episode - which costs a symbolic price of around $1.

Full review of this game can be found here: Mutants vs. The Chosen: Adventure from the future.

This game is available for download here on Google Play:

And for Apple iPhone, iPad: 

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us game looks like an interactive animated film sometimes, but don't be fooled - it definitely belongs to the genre of point and click adventure games. It offers a great atmosphere, great sophistication and stunning graphics.

The main hero here is Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown, and his main concern is the protection of fairy creatures that live there. But be careful - it is definitely not a game for young children. Quite the contrary. The game is based on the comic books Fables and lavishes vulgarity and violence. From the very beginning. The game begins in a situation where Bigby rescues a young prostitute from the clutches of a drunk guy and there is a rough skirmish because of it.

And what is the Fabletown? It is part of the New York City, where the fairy creatures live in exile. They have to hide from ordinary mortals - and they are often protected by magic.

This game is definitely worth seeing. And we do not doubt that also worth playing. Full review of the game can be found here: The Wolf Among Us: Not only breathtaking graphics.

Download this game for free on Google Play here:

City Of Secrets

City of Secrets
City of Secrets is one more classically conceived adventure. You will probably admire its nice graphics, a strange story and elaborate puzzles.

Heroes of this game are Rex and Mr. Moles - and you will go with them to a town named Poco Pane. Well, to be right, you won't exactly go there... And not exactly with both of them. One of them has a lead. Why? And why residents of Poco Pane are not entirely happy there? How you can help them to make their lives happier? You can find it out... However, the first episode, which is free, allows you to answer only a small part of all these questions.

Even so, the game is definitely worth trying. Full review of this app can be found here: City Of Secrets: Time to go to Poco Pane.

And you can download this game here on Google Play:

Enjoy the games! And share your views on all these games and your tips for others here in comments.

Disclaimer: Publisher of the GameCondor magazine cares very much to publish objectively written texts. GameCondor magazine publisher also publishes other media focused on computers and business, but also web sites about travel and 3D photography. The publisher also publishes adventure games based on the GameStylus system, which in some cases are mentioned on this website.

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